TRW is a leader in the world for Original Manufacturer [OE] quality automotive safety products. Our braking systems, steering and suspension parts, commercial vehicle components and service tools are legendary for their engineering quality and innovative design. They are also famously well tested, in-house and independently.

For more than 100 years, TRW have created benchmarks for quality, brought innovation to the market and forged a reputation for safety and durability.
By balancing the wisdom of experience with pioneering spirit, innate understanding with cutting edge exploration, TRW are now able to offer an extraordinary range of products and services that’s globally recognised.
The landmarks in TRW long history are many. In 1908 company made the first wooden wheels for the legendary Ford Model T, while twenty years later we created parking brakes for the company. By 1939 TRW were engineering standard equipment hydraulic brake systems and in 1952 TRW designed integral power steering for the Chrysler New Yorker.
Through the 60s and 70s TRW generated a vast array of advanced safety focused products including an electronically controlled Anti-lock Braking System [ABS] and power rack and pinion steering. The 80s and 90s saw cutting edge creations such as the remote keyless entry system and four-wheel ABS for GM.

In the 21st century TRW’s achievements and innovations have reflected an ever more sophisticated automotive world, with numerous safety, performance and efficiency advances taking full advantage of the latest materials, electronics and software. Today, TRW is a global leader in automotive technology, producing one of the largest ranges of active and passive safety products, from the industry-first Lane Keeping System to the best drum brakes. Tomorrow’s vehicles will continue to be shaped by our pioneering ethos and heritage.