Kongsberg Automotive provides world-class products to the global vehicle industry, whose products enhance the driving experience, making it safer, more comfortable and sustainable
Kongsberg Automotive has a strong business culture and clearly defined values. Ever since  Kongsberg Automotive produced first components in 1957, the Kongsberg Automotive story has been of creating sustainable business against all odds.
More than 60 years later, over 11 500 employees across the globe continue to write new chapters. Kongsberg Automotive work hard every day as one global team to provide world class products to the global vehicle industry.
The story of our business is fundamentally a story of ordinary people creating an extraordinary company. The most important part of Kongsberg Automotive is the way Kongsberg  employees have put shared goals ahead of personal ones. And those goals have been ambitious. Kongsberg Automotive values have been the basis of our achievements and will continue to carry company into the future.


Keeping promises demonstrates integrity. Kongsberg Automotive seek to maintain a spirit of transparency and honesty in everything we do. This obligates Kongsberg Automotive to guide each other, customers and other stakeholders in the best possible direction.