Kleen-Flo Tumbler Industries is a proud Canadian company whose history spans 3 countries, 3 principal organizations and over 70 years. The Combustion Utilities Corporation of Montreal, J.A. Tumbler Laboratories of Baltimore, Maryland and Burmah Castrol of the United Kingdom have all contributed to the existence and progressive growth that is Kleen-Flo.

Combustion Utilities Corporation was formed in Montreal in 1939. The organization was a pioneer in the treatment of fuel oil used for both household and industrial applications with over a billion gallons treated in the first five years of operation. “Liquid Kleen-Flo Fuel Oil Conditioner” was the company’s first product which rapidly gained approval from fuel distributors and their customers.

Kleen-Flo Diesel Fuel Conditioner is still available today and through extensive research and development has become a mainstay in the automotive and heavy duty industries. It was this dedication to research that enabled Kleen-Flo to create the world’s first gas line antifreeze.

Kleen-Flo products are used around the world with significant penetration in North America, the Mediterranean, Africa, India, New Zealand, Asia and the West Indies. Kleen-Flo’s facility in Poland has provided distribution to Eastern European markets. From the humble beginnings of one product, the Kleen-Flo line has grown to over 200 and continues to grow as customer needs change. Today, Kleen-Flo Tumbler Industries, headquartered in the greater Toronto area, is owned and operated by its employees with a keen eye on the future and a proud sense of the past.