Hengst Automotive, based in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, is a company that specializes in fluid management, crankcase ventilation systems as well as filter systems for oil, fuel, air and cabin air filtration.

Of course the selection, the conditioning and the refinement of filter media for their respective applications, as well as the various pleating techniques are each a science in itself at Hengst and Geometry, physics and chemistry play a decisive role here. Additionally there are the constant demands and requirements from the customers designers and developers.

After all, the performance of the filter medium is of vital importance. Another important requirement is that a filtration solution is as space-saving and light-weight as possible and should additionally require only a small effort for installation and maintenance.

At Hengst, filtration is also a matter of engineering, construction, design and correct material selection. Individual filters are transformed more and more frequently into complex components or complete filtration concepts, thus forming a multi-functional fluid management system combining all of these requirements.
Manufacture at Hengst means putting theory into practice. A development becomes an application. Hengst believe in involving their Production people right from the start of the development process, enabling them to make a significant contribution to the implementation of product solutions with their know-how of materials and production right from the very beginning.
The particularly high vertical integration is what distinguishes Hengst from competitors. From the preparation and refinement of the filter medium up to the plastic housing and the pressure cast component, everything is manufactured by Hengst. For instance, Hengst foundry in Nordwalde is one of the most modern foundries worldwide.

Hengst also ensure high efficiency at all our locations: delivery reliability and low complaint rate have already been awarded by their customers.